Traditional music for diatonic accordion by Marc Bauduin and Jean-Michel Corgeron

Volume 1 (1982 – 1999)          Volume 2 (2000 – 2011)          Volume 3 (2012 – 2022)

Foreword and MP3 collaborative project


You can find here  several melody-related elements that are sorted by the magazine issue number in 3 digits (*), as well as possible complements (comments, lyrics, mp3 …) . A midi file is an audio file with only a few nuances, that can help you reading a score.

(*) for  example, the magazine issue number 25 is written 025. A leading zero is added if the issue number is less than 100.

Some Walloon tunes have a forme code such as (AA BB) x 12 + A  (Maclotte de Journal-Champlon, n°93). That structure should be applied only if the dancers decide to follow the dance descriptions – not always traditional – that have been published by Rose Thisse-Derouette and/or Jenny Falize.

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The complementary pages of the 3 tunebooks are not finished yet (mainly comments are missing).

If downloading midi files causes problems, try the following : declare as a trusted site; or use another browser; or right-clic and choose  to store the link under.

Collaborative MP3 project 

You play the accordion, and you know that a music score, even if it comes with a midi file, is not sufficient to learn how a tune must be played for dancing. Or, when you don’t play for dancers, you may be curious to hear how other accordionists play a given tune, where they put accents, whether they play staccato …

That’s why we offer the opportunity to all diatonic accordion players to record themselves playing one or more tunes. They will be published on this website, and accessible just like midi files. Conditions :

  • only diatonic accordions (or melodeons). No chromatic ones.
  • solo playing. No other musician.
  • you choose tunes among the 300 tunes of our tunebooks.
  • you play the tune once or twice, with or wthout introduction.
  • preferrably in the same key as in the tunebook, but this is not mandatory.
  • you store your name and the tune title in the MP3 tags.
  • you send your MP3 file(s) to, also mentioning that they are free of rights.


Volume 1 (1982 – 1999)

Volume 2 (2000 – 2011)

Volume 3 (2012 – 2022)