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If this player does not work, please go to the Radionomy web site, where you can also listen to the radio and where you can read some news and become member and declare you as a "fan" (by adding TradCan to your favorite radios) (even if it looks not so important, a higher number of fans gives more importance to the radio).

This radio was built by le Canard Folk.

We assume that you know what traditional, trad, folk music is (2). We are neither purists nor modernists, that's why the radio proposes you a large music choice 24h/24.

Current status : 5.000 uploaded tunes, from 1.059 cd's by 1.355 groups.

Do you wish to give your opinion about the radio? We'll read it with pleasure ! Send us an e-mail at

Author rights : they are taken in charge by Radionomy, who currently has an agreement with the Sabam (in Belgium) that allows to declare the titles of the tunes and the performer names only. Theoretically, this is sufficient for the Sabam to find back the authors, composers and arrangers..

(1) Other ways to listen to TradCan by requiring less PC resources : in the upper part of the Radionomy page you can see a text "Listen", followed by three icons     that represent the Windows Media Player, Winamp and iTunes. When you click one of those icons, a software application will be launched (one of the three, or still something else like RealPlayer, depending on what is installed on your pc, and on the application that is associated to the M3U file extension).

In that case, don't forget to stop the Flash player (beasides the TradCan icon), otherwise you might hear some echo.

(2) Note about the radio program : for reasons that are only practical (heavy workload for volunteers), we limit ourselves to European trad music : from Western and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Germany, Great-Britain, Ireland, celtic, ... including also cajun, Quebec and American celtic because of their cultural proximity. There is also a bit of Italian and Spanish music, but generally only few music tunes from the South. And Belgian groups are far from being a majority.

The software that is provided by Radionomy generates a "random" schedule within a given set of tunes. But "random" does not really exist within computers ... That's why, besides a few short sequences, some groups or artists seem to appear more frequently than others at some times.