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New tunes from the last three months (including also new compilations of old tunes) : everyday 18:30 - 19:10  and  02:00 - 02:40 GMT +1


Who we are : this radio is a project run by the non-profit organization Le Canard Folk. It has been set up by a few volunteers who tap into Le Canard Folk cd collection (several thousands records that have been reviewed for the readers of the magazine since end 1982).

Radio contents

We suppose that you know what folk, traditional, and trad music means. We are nor purist, nor modernist. That's why the radio offers 24hrs/24 a broad spectrum of traditional and tradition-inspired music. West and (a bit) East European music (Belgian, French, Irish, Scottish, English, Scandinavian ...) including also cajun, Quebec and American celtic, because they are all interrelated. Few tunes from the South in general - the scope is already broad enough.

Want to give us your opinion about the radio ? We'll read it with pleasure ! Just send us a mail to . We are also present on Facebook.

Finances; author's rights :

Those rights are paid by Le Canard Folk, who has a contract with Unisono. However, with no commercial advertising and no subsidy, the radio relies only on crowdfunding, that is essential for paying the rights that are incredibly expensive in Belgium - at least for small webradios like TradCan).

TradCan, fully maintained by a few volunteers, needs your help !

That's why we call for crowdfunding. If you live in the Eurozone - there are no bank costs for transfers between your country and Belgium -, this is how you can help us : either with a monthly bank transfer of 2 euro (or more) to Le Canard Folk's bank account (IBAN : BE51 5230 8138 1762, BIC : TRIOBEBB) with radio as communication; or with a one-time bank transfer (you decide the amount) to the same bank account, with the same communication. All contributions - modest or not - are welcome !

Otherwise - not in the Eurozone -, we want to avoid huge bank costs, so we are currently searching for a good solution.

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